Bitcoin as a way to preserve weath across lifetimes

Join me in a thought experiment. Let us assume that the Afterlife and Reincarnation is real. However, for some unknown reason we keep coming back to this planet to live and start from zero. However, in the future that need not be the case.

To unlock a Bitcoin wallet all one needs is a 12-24 word seedphrase. And the user can have full access to their funds.

Now assume that before somebody dies, they load a certain amount of their wealth onto the blockchain and take the seedphrase with themselves to their grave.

Upon their return, all the need is to go to a past life regression therapist (this will become more common in the future, as it's an evolving field of study, people look at past life regression therapy the way they used to look at mental health therapist 50-years ago) and remember the passphrase to unlock their wallets. And they would have full access to their funds.

This would be a good way for somebody to ensure their financial stability across lifetimes.

Would like to know your thoughts?

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