How to wind down BlueWallet (noncustodial)

I currently run an LND routing node, and also have BlueWallet set up with a sub-set of the funds from that node (on chain and lightning wallets in BlueWallet, using LND Hub). I'd like to stop using BlueWallet and switch to Zeus, but I'm unclear what needs to be done, if anything, to "close out / cash out" Bluewallet.

I never really understood what LND Hub actually does. Is it literally just an accounting system where I don't even need to cash out of BlueWallet? If I just uninstall the app, are all the funds sitting on my routing node anyway, or do I have to first drain both the on-chain and lightning wallet within Bluewallet by sending them to my node directly prior to uninstall of the BlueWallet app?

To be clear I'm not using BlueWallet's node that's being retired, I'm using my own node via LNDHub. Thanks for any clarification!

As an aside – BlueWallet's actually a great wallet, as is Zeus. I switched from Zeus to BW back when I was trying to be a larger routing node and I didn't want Zeus fully controlling the entire node's hot wallet from my phone. Now that the Lightning Network is more established and I can't hang with modern routing nodes anyway, I've paired down my funds and now want to go back to controlling the whole balance with Zeus.

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