So check it out. . .

5 years ago yesterday I made my first BTC transaction at a Coinlinx BTM in Mahwah, NJ – the closest one to me at the time and a 25min border hop from my NY residence.

I purchased 0.1 BTC for around $800, I believe.

Being the noob I was, I realized I had sent it into thin air and had not entered a wallet address. (SOOOO stupid, I know)

Realizing this, I sent a text to the number on the BTM and the guy was super responsive assuring me "we can get it."

Well, stupid me AGAIN put it on the backburner and actually forgot all about it until I went to the BTM again some time later and realized it was a new machine from a new company.

Immediate research showed that Coinlinx is no longer in business.

So, long story short. . . with no receipt, can I get STILL my 0.1 BTC back if I knew the date and location of purchase?

Oh, and a friendly request is I'd prefer insightful answers preferably from someone with intimate BTM knowledge.

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