Zelle is total horseshit

It's 2023, you'd think you could send money to a family member or anyone really, easily.

Nope. Wanted to send my mom $5000. She had sent me a few hundred over the years via Zelle. So, OK I'll just use that. If she's already sent to me should be no problem to send to her.

First, there is a 3500 max every 3 days limit. I thought "well ok, I'll just send 50 as a test, then 3450 if the test goes through"

Do the 50 test. She says "I got an email that you deposited 50". I tell her about the limit and that I'll send 3450 then the remaining 1500 in 3 days. It's not urgent.

She gets another email "you've received 3450 from JimmyTimmy" and thanks me.

I figure everything is good.

A WEEK LATER. I get an email that I just happened to open. Thats Zelle telling me "The person you send money to hasn't claimed it and its in limbo until they do a bunch of shit."

She has sent me money half a doz times over the years and I never had to do shit other than give my bank account info the first time.

I know whats going on, the bank is probably investing the money or gaining interest on it and is just "fuck you little people"

Before all this I happened to be at the bank and asked the teller "whats the best way to send 5000?" I. SHIT. YOU. NOT. He told me "Mail a check"

It's 2023 and you still have to mail a fucking check.


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