Anyone else happy with BTC price going down?

I know it sounds cliché but I’m actually excited that BTC price has come down as a result of the press conference from Jerome Powel. When we were around 15K $ I have been buying a lot of BTC and I was convinced that we would be around this price level for most of the year (or lower). This would give me plenty of time to accumulate more sats, I hope to have a full BTC at the end of the year.

When the price was going up last month I was first of all very surprised, because the sentiment was suddenly very positive again. Of course I was happy to see some green after such a devastating bear market, it’s always nice to see your portfolio grow. But most of all I was sort of disappointed too, since my goal of reaching a full coin was slipping away from me.

It’s strange that within a few years of investing in the crypto space you go from being desperate for some gains to be excited for buying opportunities..

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