Bitcoin Blocks Puzzle Strategy

A new game by THNDR Games dropped to the Apple app store and the Google Play Store yesterday. The new game is called Bitcoin Blocks Puzzle Strategy.

If you are familiar with any of the THNDR Games, the process is the same:

Play the game, get tickets, enter the hourly draw, and when that draw happens you win Satoshis.

After all that you can claim them to your own lightning wallet, as simple as that.

How does this game work?

This game is a mix between 2 games, Sudoku and Tetris. You have to put the Tetris looking blocks in the Sudoku map. Each time you put a block on the game map you gain score, and each time you get 100 points, you get one tickets which automatically enters the hourly draw.


Sometimes, you can see numbers on the game map, when you put a block on that number your score gets multiplied by it.

If you manage to eliminate a piece with an orange block your multiplier goes up by 1.

How do you win?

You can see underneath the game map something called "Level"

Each time you put 3 blocks on the map you go to the next level.

You win the game when you reach level 25.

What are leagues?

THNDR Games introduced the leagues system in the Club Bitcoin Solitaire game.

In leagues, you play against 9 other players in your league, to try and go up to the next league and why not try to be the first.

In each league you get to, the number of players going up or going down the leagues changes.

What's new?

With the introduction of the new game, something new got introduced also into the mix.

We all for now know Nostr and its benefits, well, THNDR Games introduced THNDR Badges that you can get just by playing Solitaire or Blocks, and all of that is achievable by only putting you public key or "npub" in the settings inside the Solitaire or Blocks game.

And these badges follow you wherever you go on Nostr.

You can see these badges, on your Nostr profile.

This is a small introduction to the new Bitcoin Blocks game by THNDR Games.

This is a blog post also from their website:

Download the game from here:

If you have any other questions please ask me in the comments below.

With Love Cryptonator ❤️

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