Recent FRS FUD on crypto lead us to the roots: forget all the exchanges, trade goods and services to crypto-currency directly.

And Monero is almost the only crypto-currency that is widely known and has commercial success since 2014.

Indeed, modern fiat based on hard-KYCed bank system has been collapsed to the socialistic ‘ask a permission’ mechanism, that is NOT relies on money as a concept.

Money is NOT a permission. Money is Freedom based on Privacy.

We must save our freedom. Life without freedom is not a life at all. Or, we must depart the crypto world entirely.

There is no other choice or symbiosis any more.

You either must sell your goods and services for Monero directly or depart into traditional KYC world.

Distributed exchanges and atomic swaps are excellent secondary tools.

But first, you must trade for Monero directly.

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