Hear me out, this is just some thinking of mine and want to hear your thoughts

Let's say bitcoin in the future has been fully mined. That would mean in order to gain bitcoin you would need to do or sell something to get it (or inherit it).

So let's say you are early in the game and make something which is necessary for humans to survive and you are the only one with enough resources to be able to make this. You need to use X bitcoin to make that something but sell it for 2X bitcoin every Y years which means you make X bitcoin in profit. Over the years you and your family will gain more and more bitcoin because everyone needs what you make but everyone else will have less and less bitcoin to use to buy what is necessary to survive.

How can bitcoin be the future of money in such a scenario?

To me it sounds impossible because noone would want such a future. If bitcoin would be the future of money that would mean we would have a very dystopian looking future where most of humans are slaves and some are like gods. And the population would dwindle until there would be not many left because of the unlimited greed of some people. Yes or no?

It just struck me but currency like this is the cause of every large empire where there were emperors or kings etc. Money can buy power, and with power you can get more money. And if there would be such a thing as an absolute money you would be able to get absolute power.

Do you want such a future?

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