Help with Monerod.conf for P2P with a VPN

I have a Mullvad wireguard VPN configured at the router level for my Monero node but want to ensure that my P2P port is still reachable.

I used Mullvads port forwarding tool on their site to receive a port number. In my routers port forwarding settings I created the following rule for my node;

External port = mullvad port number Internal port = 18080

Next, in monerod.conf file I set the following flag;


Where 12345 is my mullvad port number.

I'm not sure if this setup is correct, or how to test if my node is receiving incoming traffic.

I've not previously messed around with port forwarding much since I'm using tailscale and didn't need to expose my RPC port but I want to ensure my node is contributing to the network, even though as far as my personal use is concerned everything is fine.

Thank you

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