I want to help my dad understand Bitcoin

Hi everybody. I’m in need of help. I’m looking for a site, a piece of text or whatever that compounds what bitcoin is and why it’s good. Why it can solve problems that exists in the current banking system.

I’m in the process of trying to get my dad to understand bitcoin, but it’s very hard. The whitepaper is good and i’ll send him that, but i’m also looking for something that kind of compounds why bitcoin accually is needed and explains it. I think he’ll understand it better if he reads it than if he hears it from me.

Price history is no matter, i bought my first btc in 2016 for ~$600 and he knows it, still doesn’t get it or believe in it. This is more about understanding than price.

Haven’t talked that much about it with him tho. But he always advices me to not buy more and be ready to sell ”while i’m still in profit”

Thanks everybody!

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