Freedom money is so important to life, just as important as oxygen water and the security of shelter.

We cannot live a good life if we dont know where our next meal will come from or not knowing if we will be homeless or not in a month from now. We need certainty surrounding these basic needs in order to think about doing anything else with our lives. Basic needs must first be met in order to progress.

Something that causes just as much uncertainty is a financial system that is not fit for purpose. Not knowing if your bank will fail, not knowing if your card will work while travelling overseas, not knowing how long a wire transfer will take to reach its destination, not knowing if a transfer will be declined because your bank doesnt like the look of it, not knowing if you have the right documents just to open a bank account.

All this uncertainty prevents humanity from progressing and flourishing. We need to be able to use our money freely without restriction just as much as we need to be able to breath without restriction.

Once the world has freedom money it will be like the whole world can finally breath properly. We need money that is guaranteed to never close or never fail like banks. Money that is always on and can be sent instantly with certainty anytime of any day to anywhere. Money that is global and accepted everywhere. I believe this will be bitcoin.

Bitcoin is freedom money and its going to take the world out of suffocating monetary hypoxia and deliver absolute monetary freedom with absolute certainty and that will allow humanity to progress and advance immensely.

The world desperately needs freedom money and bitcoin is that freedom money.

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