Taxi driver almost robbed all my bitcoin with Scopolamine

I am in vacation in Colombia and met a taxi driver which we went to parties with girls and had fun.

At some point of the night I had blackout and I dont remember anything from this point.

It turns out that I brought 2 girl (hookers) to my house and him and I dont remember any of that.

Only see that later in the security camera when I woke up.

I gave the taxi driver the code of the house and the phone with my bitcoin and my code.

And I dont remember shit, nothing from this night.

These 2 girls later called me and told me that I owe them money and Didint pay.

And 600$ from my home and my phone with bitcoin was stolen.

And its either these hookers or this taxi driver.

Anyway I was lucky that I had another phone connected to trustwallet on other place

when I woke up I transfer all the funds to other wallet.

The taxi driver was stupid and didnt understand crypto very good. He thought that he has all my bitcoin if he know only the pin but I managed to take it back.

Scopolamine is drug that makes you on meditate state and open for suggestions. the thief can ask anything and you give him without resistence such as credit card, money, etc, your bitcoin.

These hooker or him robbed my staff and I dont remember shit from this night that not even their faces or their conversations with them.

becareful from scoplamine in colombia and what they put in your drink.

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