Temporary warning about Offex.cc / Offshore.Exchange

Hello everyone in the Monero community. Recently I was trying to find a no-kyc, low fee exchange for my monero and bitcoin. I found this post https://www.reddit.com/r/Monero/comments/105rh42/monero_now_trading_on_the_offshoreexchange/

I did some more reading and after almost an hour, I decided to give the exchange a try. My experience was great for the most part. Withdrawals were instant all the way until yesterday. I have quickly come to face the problem of trusting a service too much. Now, I have 4k~ stuck in this exchange.

My withdrawal has been pending for nearly 24 hours. I also tried to contact support one hour after I had concluded this was not normal (because all withdrawals were usually done within a couple of minutes before this) and I have received no response. Their only support URL is an empty freshdesk which you can make a ticket, but can not sign up to track the ticket. You also do not get any email confirmation that your ticket has been received, so you don't even know if it reached the team or not.

I am now here on the Monero reddit posting a temporary warning for two reasons. One, because it seems they have gotten some users from here. Two, because they are quite active within this sub-reddit and maybe they will actually pay attention to this post, unlike my previous support requests.

I would like to note that this is most likely an isolated problem with tron trc20 withdrawals as I had no issues with other currencies. However, pending withdrawals are not fun. No support is even more torturing. So this warning to temporarily hold off on using their exchange is warranted.

I hope to mark this post as resolved at some stage soon.

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