This is why I am now all in on bitcoin.

Imagine starting a round of bank bail outs while inflation is still higher than the fed funds rate.

Over the next few months as contagion in the banking sector spreads and stocks start making new lows the fed will have no choice but to cut rates with inflation still well above the fed funds rate.

This is going to be an inflationary recession with banks going under left and right. You cant keep interest rates at zero for a decade then raise them at the fastest pace on record and expect nothing bad to happen. Rates were kept lower for longer than they were prior to the 2008 crisis and raised faster than they were in 2006/2007 meaning this is going to be a far bigger problem than 2008.

We are about to experience a chaotic financial crisis that grips the entire world before inflation can be contained, and the response of bail outs and QE will end up causing runaway inflation.

Bitcoin was invented for two reasons, to protect against inflation and to protect against a repeat of 2008, well now we have both simultaneously.

I am all in.

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