Bitcoin virtual back to the future time theory

I have question/idea Let's suppose I ran a software emulator on a computer using old windows os and possibly an old world wide web server from 2009 that's still active and in operation. So I'm back to January 20th 2009 I run the bitcoin.exe file and I start mining

Is there a possibility or a way to trick the crypto algorithm /block chain of even the server it's running to mine coins from the 2009 ecosystem at the same price it was in 2009

In layman's terms I mean is it possible to go back in time with the rights tools eg the servers in 2009 and access the early network nodes of the Bitcoin algorithm and start mining it, Regardless of the price of it in 2023

So I mine a few from 2009 and send it to my wallet in 2023

Like I said before it's a question this might sound dumb but I'm curious. Is this a possibility?

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