Our team will release a decentralized e-commerce platform that uses BTC as payment

Thanks for MOD's help . With out his help I dont know the rules of the community.

I am a MOD on r/Openbazaar. the project was abandoned by the original team. Then we took it over , rebuilt it ,rename to mobazha . We firmly believe it will change the world.

Our website: https://www.mobazha.org/

github: https://github.com/mobazha/mobazha/issues

By the way ,we admit that we are not BTC maximalists .We just want to provide excellent products to world .After the APP version is finished, if we still have enough funds, we will develop the web version and integrate LN.

Test version (android) link: https://github.com/mobazha/mobazha/releases/download/v0.8.1-test/mobazhaTest.apk you could try it and give us feedback , If you want to test Ios version,please leave your email here


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