Adoption may be about to explode faster than anyone expects.

As bitcoin rises like it did in 2017 and 2021 we tend see a lot of adoption in terms of accepting bitcoin for sales of goods and services, we even see people accepting realestate sales in bitcoin.

What happens when the price is rising as we are living through a financial crisis and a wave of bank failures around the world. Its possible we see adoption on another level like we have never seen before.

There is a law that states things appear to be adopted slower than we expect in the short term but are adopted faster than anyone expects in the long term. This is because 90% of the adoption happens in 10% of the time.

If you need to sell your home but bank issues are preventing you from being able to sell you will probably offer bitcoin as an option just to get the sale. If you are a business trying to sell your goods and services but banks are failing you and this business is your livelihood then you will likely add bitcoin as a payment option just as a way to try and ensure you can stay in business.

If you are a foreign worker and need to get money to your family back home and banks are failing you for remittances because of a global banking crisis then in order to make sure you can get money to your family you will try anything including using bitcoin.

Forward thinking cities like Dubai where bitcoin is looked at favorably and where they already offer the ability to pay for things like realestate with bitcoin, and whos sovereign wealth fund already invests heavily in bitcoin and lightning infrastructure projects, will probably start offering payment for residence visas and government services in bitcoin simply because as a global city they rely on the global financial system to operate and they need redundancy in payment options to protect their economy.

We would also likely see more nation states like El Salvador fast track their move to making bitcoin legal tender as a way to side step a global financial crisis.

A financial crisis would be extremely detrimental to society in the short term but it will accellerate the use of bitcoin in global commerce exponentially out of desperation and necessity. By the time the next financial crisis is over being able to use bitcoin as an alternative when needed will be quite common around the world and after that has happened adoption in commerce would take on a life of its own until bitcoin and lightning are the main form of payments used while bank cards and wires become rarely used.

I believe 90% of bitcoin adoption in commerce may just happen over the next 2 or 3 years as a global financial crisis makes bitcoin payments a necessity everyone needs just to be able to live.

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