Please help me run my own private node.

Here's the thing, I'm mostly tired of always looking for public nodes I'm using with Monerujo, so I decided to run my own private node which should be accessible from LAN, but also from WAN, with username and password.

Here's what I've achieved so far: monerod on first machine is running and is synchronized and from the other desktop machine in the same LAN, I can connect to it, authenticated with username and password, everything works normal, but then "monerod status" on the first machine where is the deamon isn't working anymore: "Error: Problem fetching info–rpc_request:". I've read somewhere that status is not working when monerod is used i restricted mode (meaning username and password is enforced?), and that along with restricted port, unrestricted port can also be opened, but how? And how afterwards do I query "monerod status" to unrestricted port?

It's funny that Monerujo, installed on Android phone just can't connect to the same monerod server in the same LAN, and I've also tried to do it from WAN (ofc I previously forwarded both p2p and rpc ports on the router).

Anyone put some light to problematics here? Thanks!

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