What’s the reason that made you buy Bitcoin?

We were all a young padawan once, looking at Bitcoin from afar, hearing about it in the news every now and then, seeing someone go from rags to riches or lose everything just because of some funny internet money.

Maybe you heard about Bitcoin when the silk road was shut down

or when Mt. Gox collapsed

or when BTC hit $20k for the first time

Maybe someone with too much tinfoil on his head shared a post about Bitcoin being an NSA project

Maybe someone told you that you can beat the banks and manage your own money with this brand new cryptocurrency thing

Maybe you saw a Bitcoin ATM on the street and thought about how funny it looked

Maybe you found out that you can buy your research chemicals online with good old BTC and remain anonymous

But what's the reason that made you go: "I'll do it. I'll buy some Bitcoin today."

Did you even need a reason to invest? Was it just one thing that made you flip the switch or did multiple factors play a hand in your journey? How long did you even need to go from "this is neat" to "I'm dedicating my life to disrupting traditional finance." And were there ever moments when you had second thoughts about Bitcoin being a good investment?

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