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Where it all started:

Happy Friday, everyone!

Things have been progressing so quickly. Just 2 days ago, I announced that we have Monero Logo copper coins, and today I have another huge announcement: We now have gold!

I listened to the feedback from all of you in /r/Monero, and I heard the same request over and over: "When are you going to add gold?" I want to service the demands of the Monero community, so, with the help of a local partner, I found a way to do this much faster than I was originally expecting.

Just to get started, we have added just one type of small gold coin: a 1/10th troy ounce American Eagle. These are one of the most widely-recognized gold coins in the world. Also, since they are small, I think this will be a good starting price point. We can expand our offerings in the near future, but for now, it's good to start small. 🙂

PLEASE LET ME KNOW what other gold and silver products you want me to add, in the comments below.

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