???? Audit of XMR reserves on April 18th – Mone(ro)Run

Mone(ro)Run – traditional annual public independent audit of XMR reserves

Tiny ants can do big things together, so it's up to you too! … because exchanges (and other services) will not do this voluntarily on their own.

Withdraw your XMR coins before April 18th and keep them in your own wallet for the whole day! (from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC on 2023-04-18) … and this way celebrate the Monero's birthday ????????????!

Please, don't forget to share your experience (of our joint audit) here in Monero's reddit on April 18th.

For more information read: Mone(ro)Run

You can also read about last year's event, just search: "Mone(ro)Run". You can find, for example, a nice post like this: Monerun FAQ

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