My story

I feel an enormous urge to share my story with you.

Right now I am 100% in Bitcoin.

First, when I started hearing about crypto it was in September 2020, through the advertising of the various exchanges in the internet. I started my journey on a lunch break at work, followed the steps and invested 50 $ in altcoins (I know it was a mistake to invest without devoting myself to studying and getting to know what I was doing). As I wasn't happy after a few days I loaded up with another 50$ without ever touching Bitcoin.. from then on I was doing DCA every month… until the big and cold bear market came in February of 2021… I had my altcoins and had losses of more than 50%… I was saddeness by the situation and thought about selling everything and giving up on the crypto market… but I left it as it was and continued, without investing anything until November 2022..

I didnt remember well but I think i'm looking for a book in PDF to my wife when I ser another book, Bitcoin Standart, and for me it was like being born financially.. It open my eyes… I saw reality much clearer.. the distorted way Fiat is used and recycled to slowly and mortally tear the financial world…

Since then I am investing completely in Bitcoin, monthly, and I intend to do so for the rest of my life.

My only problem is that right now I still don't have the courage to put all my savings in Bitcoin, perhaps because of the irrational fear that the system has put in our minds that money is power.

I have my daughter's savings in VWCE since she was born. I thought a lot about withdrawing all and put everything in BTC but I don't know… there's something pulling me back..It is the only fear that I still need to overcome…

I'm undecided but at the same time completely convinced that the current financial system does not satisfy the human being…

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