Question About Bitcoin Core Wallet Management

I am setting up a linux system where I want multiple users to have access to a single bitcoin node and not need to trust each other (the node is available to both but users on the same system can be adversarial). However, I noticed when bitcoin core is launched, it will ask for a wallet.dat file and scan its repository (usually ~/bitcoin) for a wallet file. I don't want users wallet files to be accessible to others, only the full-node blockchain and the fully-synched bitcoin core wallet. I would much prefer if the wallet.dat file can be kept in the user home directory and "scanned" for or opened on command.

The current directory my full node is installed on is another hard disk partition entirely. I would like to keep it that way but remain accessible to all system users without making each users wallet.dat file accessible/readable by others.

My question is: what is the recommended way (filesystem hierarchy/structure) to do this using bitcoin core?

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