Why I started to ditch gold and go for more Bitcoin!

Folks, I've been a goldbug for 13 years now, buying my first gold bars in 2010 after the GFC. But I'm an observer of people, and over the years I have noticed some things that have shown me a better path. And though I'll never sell my last gold bar, I have seen fit to trim the gold holdings in favor of a stronger, harder and more desirable money. And the things that really convince me about Bitcoin(over gold), are what the people who stand to lose from a change in the monetary system, are NOT doing.

What I have observed:

– Senator Elizabeth Warren did NOT send a letter to Fidelity disparaging them from allowing their 401k investors to take a stake in physical gold.

– Congressman Brad Sherman does NOT complain, moan and whine about gold having as its stated purpose, to overthrow the Federal Reserve System.

– The Federal Reserve did NOT issue a memo, telling its member banks not to do business with gold trading companies, in an attempt to ring-fence them from the fiat banks.

– The Federal Reserve did NOT shut down banks which had dealings with gold trading companies recently.

– Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger have NOT called gold "rat poison", nor have they attacked and disparaged it and/or claimed that they wouldn't give you $25 for all the gold in the world, things like that. They don't say that about gold.

– Bureaucrats and politicians of all stripes and parties, do NOT denigrate the gold mining industry for it's exhorbitant energy usage. They do NOT try to ban gold mining, and they do NOT urge the gold mining industry to change it's techniques to become 99% more energy efficient, in order to shut it down.

– People who observe gold's price increases over the past decade have NOT allowed gold to live rent-free in their heads. And they do NOT convey tremendous envy at the goldbugs who were early to invest in gold. And they do NOT call gold a "ponzi" or an "air token", etc. out of their own jealousy and enmity.

– When the price of gold does move to the low side, the miners just keep mining it, quite mindlessly. They do NOT shut down, they do NOT stop mining operations, they just keep chugging along…almost like it's not a free market or something…

All these things, and more, have caused me to see things through another light. Just observing those who hate Bitcoin, has shown me sooooooo very much about which asset really can change the financial/monetary system for the better….My hope is now in Bitcoin, just from observing people for a little while.

Stack on and HODL!!!

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