Steps for dividing an amount of Bitcoin for payment.

I am thinking it is time to have, if this doesn't already exist, a way to express bitcoin in more logical steps than Bitcoin or satoshi I know there is mBTC and uBTC, but is this easily represented in a wallet or lighting wallet?

For instance I want to sell 6 eggs to somebody, I have to either at this time, to state I want 10,023.0329 Satoshi or what ever that is in 0.0's of a bitcoin, leaves lots of room for error, I think.

Have you tried to count those zeros on a tiny phone?

Clearly it would be easier to say I would like you to pay me 10.1 of something for my 6 eggs.

Just imagine when you are trying to work out price per gram to see which can of tomatoes is the cheapest one, the 430 gram can or the 650 gram can.

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