Does 0.28 Bitcoin really make you the top 1% of all people that has most bitcoin?

Last cycle I heard that if you have 0.28 bitcoin, it is mathematically impossible for more than 1% of people in the world to have more bitcoin than you.

Is this actually true?

The math behind it was:

7.5 billion people. Top 1% of 7.5 billion = 75 million people

21 million bitcoins divided among 75 million people = 0.28 coins for each person in the top 1% of humans.

The problem is, this equation doesn't take into consideration more people being born.

What about when there are 9 billion people? Well 1% of 9 billion is 90 million. 21 million coins divided among 90 million people = 0.234 coins per person

– This still doesn't take into consideration that some people may have already died with their keys forever, making the 21 million smaller.

– Does not consider people losing their keys.

– Does not consider Satoshi burning his 1 million wallet.

– Doesn't consider big entities like Microstrategy that hold 140,000 btc alone. And Saylor owns 17,000 personal BTC.

– Doesn't consider the fact that every single person that holds MORE than 0.28 bitcoin (Probably you, or a lot of people reading this) leaves less bitcoin for everyone else, which means: When MORE people own MORE than 0.28 bitcoin, the amount of bitcoin needed to be part of the top 1% is LESS.

Because if 75 million people divided 21 million evenly, everyone gets 0.28. If we assume the top 1 million people have 1 bitcoin each instead, that means the remaining 74 million people that are part of the 1% divide the remaining 20 million coins. 20/74 = 0.27 bitcoin instead of 0.28.

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