Exodus sold/gave my email to a scammer third-party which is attempting to phish my details

I have only ever used this email with Exodus. I have never, ever used it with any other service and the email is a completely unique email with a custom tld.

Yesterday and today I started getting the same emails as this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/ExodusWallet/comments/13e8701/scam_exodus_your_exodus_wallet_has_been_linked_to/

The real issue here is not these disguised phishing emails. It's that I have NEVER used this email anywhere else. The only people who know I am using this email are Exodus, unless they have given/sold my email off to another provider who is turning around and using my email to try and phish my account details.

This means that either Exodus themselves are trying to get into their own user's accounts and steal their funds. Or someone that they are sharing/selling their user's emails with, is trying to do so.

I moved my funds to a non-custodial wallet immediately after the first email yesterday. Today I just got another one from a new email address. So it was time to make this thread.

Stay safe out there.

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