Decentralized Monero-Based Patreon w/No Fees – COMING SOON!

Decentralized Monero-Based Patreon w/No Fees - COMING SOON!

Making major progress on the Monero Subscriptions Wallet that I am developing. I plan to publicly release the alpha version on May 19th.

The Monero Subscriptions Wallet will provide a way for people to automatically pay recurring subscriptions in Monero (whether it is a recurring subscription for your VPN, anything else, or a Patreon-like donation to your favorite content creator or developer).

Main Features:

  • Automatically pay recurring subscriptions with Monero
  • No need for users to remember to pay monthly invoices
  • Desktop app (wallet) for users
  • Easy way for merchants to offer recurring subscriptions that can be transferred to the Monero subscriptions wallet with one click
  • Free to use and fully open source on Github (FOSS)
  • Written in Python (using Monero Wallet RPC)

I created this wallet because I think it's time for a solution that doesn't rely on centralized services. There shouldn't be any middleman between the buyer and the seller. My hope is to lay a foundation that more experienced developers can build upon and improve. (Maybe we could something like this or a new "mode" implemented into the official Monero wallet?)

I created a group chat on Matrix if anyone wants to join and discuss this in more detail:

I'd also love to hear from MERCHANTS. What can I do to make your life easier? The way it works is, you put together some info like this:

json_data = { "custom_label": "My Subscription", # This can be any text "sellers_wallet": "4At3X5rvVypTofgmueN9s9QtrzdRe5BueFrskAZi17BoYbhzysozzoMFB6zWnTKdGC6AxEAbEE5czFR3hbEEJbsm4hCeX2S", "currency": "USD", # Currently supports "USD" or "XMR" "amount": 19.99, "payment_id": "9fc88080d1d5dc09", # Unique identifier so the merchant knows which customer the payment relates to "start_date": "2023-04-26", # If you want it to start the day of, you can use:"%Y-%m-%d") "billing_cycle_days": 30 # How often it should be billed }

…and then convert it into a monero-subscription code which looks like this:


Assuming that you need to know which customer goes with which account, you should use a unique "Payment ID" for each customer (which will result in a unique monero-subscription code for each customer). Using Monero integrated addresses (like subaddresses but cooler), each payment that your recieve from a customer will be tagged with the Payment ID that you specified for them to use (but only you can see this Payment ID from inside your wallet).

I am releasing the customer-facing wallet first, but my next goal is to help make this as easy for merchants to implement as possible. I can create a Javascript snippet that you can put in your website that will auto-generate monero-subscription codes based on your settings, but you will need some way of storing the Payment ID that you give out to the customer (so that when you recieve a payment from them, you will know which account to credit/keep active).

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