[ANNOUNCEMENT] whaleX – an open source cryptocurrency exchange app (powered by Trocador.app)

Hello everyone!

After over a month of intense work we are extremely excited to announce first stable version of whaleX – an open source cryptocurrency exchange app, available on Android platform.

We are an official partner of Trocador.app


  • exchange privately and securely over 60+ cryptocurrencies with just few taps
  • compare exchange rate/KYC level (and pick one which is best for you)
  • history tab with easy access to all your current or past transactions
  • notifications when transactions are marked as completed
  • multi-language support (need more? create PR with your language on GitHub)
  • simple UI with easy of use UX

Our app works with stock OS / GrapheneOS, VPN or Tor (Orbot/InviZible Pro)

Download (v1.0.0)


Our privacy policy:

We do not log or store any of your personal data including IP address, device information (build, OS version etc) or your transaction details (amount, coins, addresses).

Trocador.app privacy policy available here https://trocador.app/en/privacypolicy/

You can find us here

Telegram group https://t.me/whaleXapp

SimpleX Chat invite group link

Nostr https://nostrplebs.com/s/whalexapp

Let us know what you guys think about our app, feel free to suggest new features 🙂

whaleXapp team

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