Is my IP visible somehow in Monero blockchain?

I want to host node. So I have few questions if somebody is willing to explain:

  1. What are benefits of hosting node if I want to make transactions in the future?
  2. If I download Monero wallet (, will my IP be visible on transactions, since (if I understood right) since nodes need to connect to other nodes (blockchain)?
  3. Is it useful for Monero network if I host node and mine Monero for, lets say 10-12hrs a day?
  4. What are minimum requirements for running node? And how much internet bandwidth does it use?

  5. I read that getting reward from Monero (reward for mining, I'm not sure if it's right word) is like lottery, comparing to other cryptocurrencies where your earnings depend on your constant hash rate. Is that true? So even If I am mining Monero node on my quad core i7, I have chances to get $2000 as mining reward?

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