Blockchain downloaded but GUI does not update the daemon blocks remaining.

I am using the GUI for Linux and a local node.

For some reason, the network status is "synchronizing" but the GUI does not show a reduction in the number of daemon blocks remaining (around 800). In fact the number slowly increases as new blocks are formed.

However, when I look at my connection, I can see I am downloading MB of data (while doing nothing else). So it looks as if the blockchain is being downloaded but this is not reflected in the GUI.

Looking at the log, I see there is 0 blocks queued for some reason. The last block successfully donwloaded was 2887746.

For example:

162.218.xx.xx:183xx a28b2c7513913154 synchronizing 0 2888516 152 kB/s, 0 blocks / 0 MB queued

Is there a way to resolve this? I could try a remote node I suppose but I would prefer to keep the blockchain local.

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