Commodities Priced in Bitcoin

Commodities Priced in Bitcoin

This has been posted in the NZBitcoin community a while ago and got some positive feedback, so I've decided to share it in this here too.

After a couple of years, I have finally brought my idea to fruition – building a website that provides daily information on commodities priced in Bitcoin –

The website was created for fun over a few weekends, since I’ve got a full time job in a different field. The list of improvements is still long (mobile version, better graphs, more features…) but it's exciting to work on my first Django project.

Perhaps someone else will also find the information on the website useful and interesting. It should be noted that the scale on the graphs is a log scale; otherwise, you would only see a vertical price debasement.

Currently, BRICS is already trying to trade commodities in non-USD currencies to some degree. However, it's just another fiat currency. To me, it seems inevitable that commodities should be based on another commodity that no entity can control, and Bitcoin ticks all the boxes… wishful thinking.

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