I’ve started DCA’ing all I can but it seems like I am accumulating at such a slow rate and I will never acquire enough to get out of the fiat trap.

I recently started DCA’ing about $10 a week but that’s all I can do right now. I’ve cut what expenses I can and am trying to make more money. I want to accumulate more before the next bull run to protect myself from the fiat bullish!t and the collapse of the US dollar as the reserve currency but I don’t think I have time to accumulate enough.

Am I destined to only accumulate a very small amount before Bitcoin becomes main stream and the reserve currency? Is there ways to get more or will my small bag be enough to protect me from what is to come.

Thank you to this sub for all the great information and advice. You have helped me on this journey to be free from the control of fiat.

Also yes I’m using a cold wallet since I know that will be some of the comments lol.

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