Launching Tomorrow: Monero Subscriptions Wallet – Enabling Automatic Recurring Monero Payments

I am thrilled to share that the alpha version of the Monero Subscriptions Wallet is releasing tomorrow, May 19th! This project, which I've been working on for the past few weeks, will revolutionize the way Monero is used for subscription services.

For those unacquainted, the Monero Subscriptions Wallet allows recurring subscriptions on Monero with zero fees and with no middleman. Merchants can create a monero-subscription code – a comprehensive code containing all the relevant subscription details including the merchant's wallet address, a unique payment ID, and subscription information. This can then be easily pasted into the Monero Subscriptions Wallet (or future wallets supporting the Monero Subscription Code Standard Documented Here).

With the new functionality offered by the Monero Subscriptions Wallet, merchants offering subscription services can easily receive payments in Monero. If you're running a Flask site with a customer database, you are an ideal candidate. I'm more than willing to assist with integration. Feel free to ask questions, or if you'd like I can directly do the work for you at my normal hourly rate.

Recognizing that not everyone is tech-savvy, I also quickly threw together a Monero Subscription Code Creator today. While it might not be the most polished, it is pretty easy to use, and should suffice for anyone looking to get started (I plan to update this and make it better later).

Also, if anyone here has a server and is willing to host it, I will put together a simple one-page Flask website that does the same thing as the above software and will look a lot more professional. I think it would be a lot easier for adoption too if we can just link smaller merchants to a site where they can fill in a form, click a button, and then get a copy/paste monero-subscription code. The little command-line tool I created today is less than ideal, but it is a starting point (and large merchants will want to create something custom that automatically saves payment_ids in their customer database). Please DM me or leave a comment below if you have a server and are interested in hosting this. If I kept a server running at my house, I'd do it myself. Haha

Looking ahead, I plan on creating additional tools for merchants, such as software that generates Javascript snippets to facilitate the monero-subscription code creation process for medium-large merchants. I'm also planning to develop a merchant wallet that will help keep track of payments and their USD value at the time of receipt (for tax purposes).

On a personal note, I'm actively seeking employment opportunities as a Python developer if anyone is looking for a developer or knows someone who is. I believe that this project demonstrates my abilities, and I'm open to working full-time or hourly on one-off projects of any size. I also love the idea of working for the Monero community if there is demand for it — would be awesome to be able to pay my bills off of the CCS, but Python is the only language that I am well versed in and I'm not sure if there is enough demand. I'd post my own ideas of things that would help increase Monero adoption/accessibility for merchants to the CCS (I have a ton of experience with e-commerce, am good in Python, and have a passion for Monero, so I think I'm a great fit to take on some of this stuff) but I'd need to be making like at least 4.5k USD/mo (incredibly cheap for the time I'm putting in) but I'm not even sure if it'd be possible to raise that or how that all works.

Looking forward to your feedback, support, and any potential opportunities! I hope you enjoy the Alpha version of the Monero Subscriptions Wallet when it launches tomorrow!


Luke Profits

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