Can I salvage my Ledger by making a 2/3 Multisig wallet?

I’m not trying to complain more about Ledger, it’s been done enough. Yes, there’s overreaction about the fact that firmware updates can leak private keys. Every wallet that can update firmware could in theory do this. Yes, ledger has destroyed their reputation even more by actually updating firmware to do this. This is precisely why people want open source firmware, and Ledger’s going to have a tough time.

What I’m curious about is somewhat reducing the Ledger risk and salvaging what I can from the ledger I have. I want to turn it into a multisig using tapsigners (maybe even throw in another hot wallet for symbolism ;). Is this something that’s possible to do with a Ledger? Or do they not support Tapsigners even if I use non-ledger live software?

(My personal threat model and values mean I won’t trust Ledger, even if “they don’t see a 25th word” or whatever they claim. I shouldn’t have earlier but I got one as a gift… I don’t think Ledger is likely to disclose private keys without our consent through rogue firmware (lol), but I don’t want to give them the power. I’d feel reasonably safe using it as part of a multisig, and see it as a chance to learn more. Still interested in a reproducible airgapped HW wallet, but I want a multisig as well)

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