Multisig wallet- cracking the code

So much BS out there. I will whittle it down to its simplest terms. I have a now shitty ledger. I ordered a Trezor 1 ($60) and another metal seed phrase (Billfodl). Now you NEED to connect to a computer (not just an exchange), and this is where it gets sticky. The simplest way is COLLABORATIVE CUSTODY. So you control 2/3 wallets which is enough to sign and send BTC, the other company has 1 key- NOT enough to sign a transaction. I went with Casa. The other one is Unchained Capital. I'm doing the 30-day free trial (Gold) and I'm going to start with like $100 of BTC to see how this whole thing works. What I don't know/understand, is WHERE the Bitcoin actually is located. Make sense? B/c before ALL my bitcoin was on ledger. Anyone else with information please chime in so other people can self custody the right way. Best,

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