New to Monero and have some questions!

Hey guys! I'm new to Monero, I swapped out another currency and have my Monero in Exodus with no attachment to a hardware wallet, I keep my other currencies and NFTs linked to my Ledger Nano X, in my GameStop wallet ???? and just installed the firmware update before I read anything in this sub ????????????

I installed the Monero app to my Ledger stick but haven't been able to install the Monero GUI because my AVG software keeps flagging it as malware ????, should I just keep it in Exodus?

I'm not particularly tech-savvy and am hoping to have some sort of protection if a CBDC hits the US ????????????

Either way, would love to learn more about Monero! I'm mostly into ETH, LRC and NFTs on layer 2 Ethereum ???? but who knows where everything is headed!?

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