Anonymous P2P Lightning-messenger for adoption

Can be exist anonymous P2P messenger without phone number authorization based on Lightning? Messengers like Signal and Telegram demand phone number apparently to avoid spam registration. I have not yet figured out how the MicroStrategy's email works. But as I understood if they use Lightning, then they can avoid spam. For each new contact, you will need to open a channel, freezing a certain amount sats to communicate. At the same time, for communication with a limited number of permanent contacts, the costs will be minimal, because with them it will be possible not to close the channel for a long time by sending sats-messages to each other many times.

There are probably a lot of nuances that I missed. I myself have not mastered Lightning yet, because while I do not need it, because I have nowhere to pay with instant speed in my country. And it seems to me that the introduction of an anonymous uncensored messenger on this basis would contribute to the adoption of both Bitcoin and Lightning at once worldwide including for me.

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