My Dream Hardware Wallet (it doesn’t exist yet)

Fully open source.

Fully airgapped.

A camera, for reading QR codes.

A screen for displaying QR codes. Touchscreen? Awesome, but not required.

A removable, rechargeable & replaceable standardized battery, though I could tolerate a plug so long as it doesn't plug in to a computer or phone.

The option for Bitcoin Only firmware.

BIP39 passphrases saved on device – this is a must.

BIP85 child key generation, with the option to save a few on the device.

Fingerprint scanner capable of storing 5 fingerprints.

No bluetooth. No usb. No wifi. No internet connection.

Why five fingerprints?

One for unlocking the device to the BIP39 seed and passphrase – this is a must.

Three for 3 other wallets, which could be separate passphrases, or BIP85 child keys (with the user's choice of saving a BIP85 Index number for each).

And one for a "distress" option. In other words, if the user is being robbed, they scan their pinky finger to force the device to wipe itself out – this solves the foolish "Oh, we can't save a passphrase on the device for security reasons" nonsense.

And last but not least, the ability to back up all user settings to a micro SD card, encrypted with a user selected password – or if you really want to go hardcore on the security, secure it using the 24 words from the 1000th BIP85 child key, which means the user would always have the ability to find the password if they lose it).

It's the year 2023. This doesn't seem like too much to ask for. I've been using hardware wallets since 2019, but in many ways, the tech still seems so primitive.

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